Ready Made Floatation Racks

Our premium Ready Made Floatation Racks are designed to provide a solid solution for sensitive 19” rack mount equipment. Perfect for wireless microphones, audio outboard, video switchers, CD players, preview monitors, patch bays IT Equipment, medical test units and hundreds of other types of equipment.

Available from 2RU up to 16RU all sizes feature heavy duty construction, pad lockable catches and front and rear rack angle and the 8RU and larger sizes include 4x100mm heavy Duty casters. We also stock a huge range of rack mount accessories including drawers, panels (blank, vented, XLR and cable management) fixed shelves and sliding shelves that will allow you to tailor a rack to your exact needs.

Don’t risk your reputation. Guarantee your services and equipment by using Floatation Rack Cases. There are a number of different sizes and designs depending on what you need. If wanting something a little different, give us a call or email us through our contact page and we’ll work through the options with you.

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