Projector Cases

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Projectors are used for sales presentations, business to business presentations, education, conferences, trade shows, events and visual displays at venues. The price and fragility make it a nightmare for managers who do not want their assets damaged or stolen after each use. Heavy duty Projector Cases can be an effective solution to minimizing that risk.

Our heavy duty projector cases are custom made to suit any make and model of projector. Having different colours allows for easy identification and an effective fragile warning. They are lined with high density shock absorbing foam, and can be made with compartments for storage of lenses and other peripherals and with either a hinged or removable lid. For larger units, either inline wheels or casters are optional.

These cases are great for IT and Asset managers, audio visual hire companies, and anyone managing an event or venue. Find the perfect storage for your projector and order online today.

Projector Cases

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