Design Your Own (Foam Lined)

Our premium Custom Made Packing cases are custom made to order as an exact fit your specific requirements. We work with you to tailor a design that will accommodate all you need into a functional cohesive design focussed on providing years of user friendly protection for your equipment. Whether it is Medical, Mining, Military, Audio Visual or Rocket Science....the list goes on, we can design and build a case exactly for your needs.

Built using premium components and designed by our expert case designers these cases are built to last years on the road and deliver your equipment in perfect condition every time, all the time. We can option them with trays, shelves, millimetre accurate foam, caster wheels, telescoping handles and wheel sets.....if you can dream it we can build it.

Don’t risk your reputation. Guarantee your services and equipment by using Custom Packing Case. There are a number of different sizes and designs depending on what you need. If wanting something a little different, give us a call or email us through our contact page and we’ll work through the options with you.

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