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Travelling with a laptop or notebook can be a daunting task, especially when not having the luxury of keeping it as hand luggage. When in transit it is at the mercy of being bumped, dropped, getting wet or dusty, or stolen. Using heavy duty Laptop Cases and Notebook Cases make travelling just that little bit easier and reduces the risk of something being damaged or stolen.

Our laptop cases and notebook cases come with pad lockable, recessed latches, heavy duty handles and 6 rivet thick steel ball corners to withstand any strong knock or blow. They come with polyether foam with resistance to tearing, and the option of convoluted or soft grade foam lids to ensure the laptop or notebook stays protected from any knocks and stays secure inside the case. Extra compartments make it easy for mouse, cable and power pack storage.

Multiple laptops can be stored in our cases with our special design of slots in the sidewall foam. The notebooks slide in vertically which makes accessing a specific computer easy. These are great for software trainers, education facilities, schools, and IT and Asset Managers.

People with a laptop who are working in the field, travelling a lot, or travelling through tough environments that may be wet or dusty, there are massive benefits from using these cases. Photographers and videographers find the single heavy duty case very useful when needing a laptop while shooting.

Find the right heavy duty laptop cases for you and order online today.

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