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A professional guitarist needs to protect their gear when travelling to and setting up at a performance venue. Having Heavy Duty Guitar Cases for touring is not only good for protecting the equipment, but ensures fast and practical set up and pack down. We have designed a series of different Guitar cases for professional guitarists that regularly perform and need their guitar and equipment safe from damage and theft.

The Ready Made light weight guitar cases are sized to suit most 6 string electric guitars and include a custom CNC cut foam insert for either a Strat or Tele. Other custom inserts are available. The premium heavy tour guitar cases can be custom made for any 6 string guitar, semi acoustic or electric bass guitar. The CNC cut foam slab provides a perfect fit for the guitar. All we need from you are a few dimensions, and we take it from there. These cases have convoluted foam lined lids, thick steel 6 rivet ball corners, and pad lockable, recessed latches for extra security.

We also provide pedal boards, pedal board cases and multiprocessor FX cases because we know the guitar is not the only piece of equipment you have. These cases are custom designed just for guitarists, made to specified dimensions to suit their individual requirements. The pedal boards come with Velcro strapping to prevent slippage and we offer options like steppers with a customisable size, and side hideaways for cables and other accessories.

These Pedal Board Cases and Guitar Cases are great for guitarists wanting to take their performances seriously by protecting their instruments and pedals.

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