Amplifier Racks

Suitable for musicians, sound, touring, media based, and event businesses, in need of a reliable, heavy duty rack that can handle the constant pack up – pack down routine, or security for an install.

For those who need to use rack mount equipment and want additional desk space, we have designed a rack case with lids that become tables which provides a stable and professional workstation with fast and easy set up. This specific item is great for concerts and outside performances.

These amp racks come with recessed handles with a high tensile spring and rubber grip bails. This makes moving the case and transporting a lot easier. The recessed twist latch is pad lockable, providing extra security from theft while on location. The rack angle is USA, Japan, and European compliant, and mounted in both the front and rear of all sizes. The bolted heavy duty nylon feet in the smaller racks give enough space to easily get under and lift the amplified case up, a small addition that makes life a lot easier.

If in need of a reliable, practical amplifier rack for touring or other locations, these cases are perfect for you and are quite affordable. Select the case the will suit your needs and order online today.

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