Amplifier Head Cases

Great for guitarists, sound, touring, media-based, or event businesses in need of a dependable, heavy duty amplifier head case that can handle the repeated set up – pack down routine that is typical for touring bands and performing artists.

We can build these cases in one of two formats: top lid, or front and rear lids. These Amplifier Head Cases are custom made for a perfect fit for your amp, accurate down to the mm! They are manufactured using only premium Penn Elcom case hardwares and panels and can be made in a range of colours. All come with recessed handles and padlockable latches for security. These are serious touring cases, designed to withstand the hard knocks and blows of any type of transport and handling.

Options available are racking on the front and rear lid format and casters for larger cases on either format. With racking included, the case is designed so all gear can stay connected while the lids are on, allowing for fast set up and pack down.  They can also be manufactured for double heads, and can be fitted with stackable ball corners and casters rests to store with other head or combo cases.

If in need of a reliable, practical, serious touring amplifier head case, these cases are ideal for you and quite affordable. Select the amplifier head case that will suit your needs and order online today or speak to our friendly staff about any further customisation you may require.

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