Aluminium Briefcases - Light Duty

Aluminium Briefcases are a practical light weight option when needing a little extra security and damage protection. These cases are great for electrical gadgets, audio visual equipment, camera equipment, scientific testing equipment, tools, display items, and demo stock. We often have lighting and audio technicians, research scientists, photographers, and sales representatives purchasing these cases to be used for their work.

The panels are available in either an aluminium stucco finish or a premium insulated brushed aluminium finish, creating a nice, sleek look. The pick-n-pluck foam allows you to create a perfect fit to the shape of your item and equipment. These units also come with key locks for added security.

Purchase these Light Duty Aluminium Briefcases if needing a light weight case for displays or other equipment. Find the right size that will suit the equipment and your needs and purchase it today.

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