These Rack Cases are for musicians, recording studios, IT Managers, professional lighting, audio and visual industries, and anyone using rack mounts or associated equipment. The different styles of rackmounts are tailored for different equipment and different tasks, and can be easily customised to meet your requirements.

Choose from our huge range of rack cases, either in our Go Case Ready Made range or our Blue Cat Custom Made range, from 2ru height up to 48ru height, and depths ranging from 305mm to 1200mm. Below are some of the Rack Cases that we offer:

  • Installation Sleeves
  • Server Transit
  • Tea Cosy
  • Amps
  • Floatation
  • Shallow FX
  • Three Lidded Mixer
  • Table

All come with heavy duty laminated plywood panel, recessed handles, recessed pad lockable latches, with limitless options on custom racks like rack rail placement, panel cut outs, fans or mesh doors for ventilation, casters, cable access, branding, casters or telescoping handles.

Find the product that suits your requirements, and order online today or talk to our friendly sales staff about the options available.

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