TV Cases

Why are our Plasma Cases the best in the industry?

Audio visual hire companies, conference and trade show event managers, event hire businesses, and anyone using screens of any size, need a safe and secure way to transport Plasma, LCD, and LED screens and TVs. We have a wide selection of TV cases and custom options that address this need.

Our TV cases, such as our LED, LCD and Plasma Cases, are custom made to the exact size of the screens. They are not multi-fit cases, where screens are held in place by loose pieces of foam, they are designed for a precise and secure fit with high density foam blocking secured inside the case for an exact fit ensuring the screens cannot move around inside during transport, and hence be damaged. They result in lower transport costs for you as they are designed to the slimmest possible design for your screen. They can be done in one of three styles: standard removable lid, front and rear removable lid, or clamshell format, and can be made to hold one or two screens either with or without stands and brackets attached. For slimline LED screens, cases can be made for three screens. Colour choices and branding are options for all formats.

If needing to transport Plasma, LCD or LED screens and TV’s, these heavy duty TV cases are perfect for the job, as they ensure the screens remain safe and secure during transport. Find the perfect LED, LCD or Plasma Case for your TV and order online today or speak to our friendly staff.

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