TREKA 900 Internal Dimensions 479 x 323 x 126mm (TREKA900)


ALL TERRAIN injection moulded ABS case with all the features.  Comes with diced foam in the base and convoluted lid foam.

Waterproof, dust proof, anti corrosive, temperature resistant, with IP67 rating.

Base Foam:
1 x 15mm base cover sheet & 1 x 70mm pick'n'pluck slab.

Options available:  branding, internal foam shaped cutouts, internal hard or soft dividers, internal display boards, nylon or canvas lid pouches, colour choices for bulk orders.

For bulk orders and/or custom fit out phone 0800 900 234 or email

Width x Depth x Height
Internal 479 x 323 x 126mm
External 520 x 400 x 145mm
Base/Lid Split 36/90mm
Weight 3.6kg

Bouyancy Weight 13.9kgs

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